I have been trodden on by every possible design of shoe and boot, crushed, kicked, scrapped, dragged and mangled under flat heels, high heels, stiletto heels and an assortment of wedged heels. I have been run over by various wheeled objects such as trolleys, bicycles and wheelie bins, prodded with the ends of implements such as umbrellas and riding whips, smothered under handbags and heavy luggage, had things dropped or spilled on me, found myself trapped under the legs of household furniture, sat on, knelt on and even slept on.
I have also been scrubbed, vacuumed and mopped down with household bleach, as well as left covered in mud, snow and everyone’s discarded rubbish. I have even survived being trampled during overcrowded parties, used as an ashtray and a spot on which to have a dance. I have been spat on, rubbed underfoot like a bad stain and clipped with so many passing heels I cannot remember!

.. But then I am after all just a face in the floor!